CAT 2022 for Beginners Cohort 1

Cohort 1 Course for CAT Prep with Concepts, Practice, Tricks & Tests.


This is a course on CAT 2022 Prep.
This is a Cohort 1 Course. We have total 3 Cohorts.

The philosophy that ProTalent follows is that the students ought to get a chance to work on in CAT by zeroing in on scholastic frail regions that they need genuine improvement and it is there where they will grow the maximum.
Additionally, it is the best method for learning.
Cohort: All the Students are divided into Prep Groups. These groups are known as cohorts. For eg. Vernacular is a Cohort.
All students belonging to a single cohort, get a designated course. There is no differentiation in terms of course content.

Cohort 1 Includes following students:
- Students who are preparing for the first time for CAT
- Students who wish to cover the full syllabus on CAT
- Students who have prepared for CAT and are from vernacular medium
- Students who have prepared for CAT and are from non-science background

Aim of Cohort 1 is to provide practice questions on all areas of CAT Prep alongwith conceptual sessions.


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